What's coming in the Beta 2.0 update

Our next update is packed with some cool new features and with an easier to use user interface. iRequestLive is a great solution for communicating with large audiences. Get it for your radio station, event, or party. To top is off, the base product is totally free to you guys, because you're awesome.


Geo Tracking

See where user's are connecting from. Watch the map light up after sharing your app on social media.

Flashing Visual Triggers

Flash all or one person's app independently. Great for contests and giveaways.

Photo Uploads

Users are able to submit photos to your dashboard, instantly.

Music Library

Our music index is powered by the iTunes API. Your visitors have the ability to make requests directly from our library.

Private Chat

Two-way communication between you and your users. Send direct messages and requests.

Customized Apps

We can deliver a branded app for your radio station, event, or party. Contact us and we can work out the details and pricing.


Watch people hit your app
in real-time

We constantly check and deliver the current list of people using your app, how long they have been connected, and from where.

Getting requests and messages
has never been easier!

We hope you'll fall in love with our service. If not, please let us know how we can make your experience better and we'll consider your feedback or ideas on our next update.


Be a Beta Tester

We're always working on new features to implement into the product. Create an account and contact us. We will give you special access to these new components as they come available.

Built by DJ's

Our team has worked in the broadcasting industry for many years and we believe iRequestLive brings a unique experience when interacting with a large group of people.

Free Basic Usage

We will always provide a free solution for our customers. If you would like more functionality or customization, please contact us. We can build an app to suit your needs.

Proudly Powered by Laravel

iRequestLive is stacked on the Laravel Framework. A special thanks to Taylor Otwell and the community for providing a great foundation for all of us to create on.