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Welcome to iRequestLIVE

In 2015, iRL embarked on a mission to create a simple messaging app for radio. Since the initial beta launch, we’ve released some features we think you’ll like.

FOR EXAMPLE; you can make a listener’s app flash colors rapidly, indicating they’re a winner OR blast your GLO URL on social media before your event and make your fan’s mobile phones part of the light show.

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Chat with your listeners

Great for public service announcements, feedback, contests and DIRECT concert giveaways. Every user has their own thread, ensuring privacy when passing personal info to the DJ.

Audio Streaming compatible

Compatible with Cirrus® Streaming, Pro Streaming, Spacial, and more. Contact us or check our documentation if you need help setting up a new stream or using your existing stream.

Simple Display Control

Powered by a feature we call GLO. Enhance the visual experience for your show by sending images and animations to phones, tablets, TVs, and projectors.

Listener Location Data

We show you how many listeners you have and their general location, by city. Add some flare in your studio and run the map view on a separate monitor!

GLO | Display Control

Glo is a feature of iRequestLIVE that allows you to send photos and animations to devices. Images are displayed full-screen and in real-time.

Setup projection screens at your next gig or run digital ads in your venue, and control it all from your desktop, phone or tablet.

If you're using GLO for crowd engagement, just add /GLO to your URL and share on social media. You will have full visual control of the user's phone when the link is clicked.

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" Join Team Beta and get access to new features before they're released. Contact us! "
- iRL Team

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